Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crunch and Munch, and It's Dynasty Wednesday!

Well, let me just start off by saying that I'm not in the mood for any foolishness today (ever really). If I had a period, it would be a REALLY heavy flow day. I'm talking just imagine the biggest maxi pad EVER and that wouldn't even say hello! Ugggghhhh!!!!!
Then on top of it, I have motherfuckers that wanna TRY and come for me. I don't even know these fuckers to call me outta my name. How is it that you've never met anyone a day in your life, and they already have an opinion formed of you?
I have socks older than you, go sit down some where and play a board game. I don't have time for the childish shit!
I swear people are fuckin' tri-polar man! One minute they're all over your ovaries, and the next minute they're slandering your name. I've spent a good 31 years making a bad enough name for myself, I don't need anyone else to help spread the news. Trust me, I got this. (bites apple/Lil Wayne voice) Show me my opponent! It's always so cute when the peasants try to revolt...(wink).

Anyways, did you guys hear about the lesbian D.C. judge whose lover stalked her? Taylar Nuevelle was found guilty last week of stalking her ex-lover Janet Albert. Apparently, the bitch broke into her ex-lover's house, and camped out in her attic for 31 hours. Nuevelle came equipped with a laptop, a bottle of wine, and sleeping pills! This chick was sprung! She was like, "You fuck wit' me, you stuck wit me!"
A friend of the judge founder the stalker bitch in the attic unconscious and called the damn po po! Now the stalker cunt is facing at least 15 years in prison. I'm sure she wishes she thought twice about that one.

You gotta admit, she does have the teeth for eating pussy! Damn!


This clip speaks for it self, get in!


mean said...

that's so mean and disrespectful

Q said...

Thank you "mean"! That's what my blog is all about Sherlock!
It's my commentary, if you don't like it DON'T READ IT!