Thursday, February 25, 2010

"I'm Beasting Off The Riesling", A Moment In Black History, Damn Lance!, and It's Dynasty Wednesday--The Thursday Edition...

So, for those of you that care (which should be everyone), yesterday Kanye West started a new blog. His original blog is still up and running, but the new site is much cleaner, and has a more avant garde feel to it. Of course the first post was Amber Rose striking one of Grace Jones' iconic poses. Check out the blog here, it's good stuff. It has to be, it's Kanye. Everything he throw up, blow up!


With only 3 days left in Black History Month, I wanted to pay homage to one of the most important icons in urban history...

Frankie Crack, I mean Cole.

No matter whether you grew up in the suburbs, or the hood, we all have a family member like Frankie Cole. You know the kind that when they come to visit, your mom tells you to lock her purse up in the attic?

Without her long periods of drug use, and her brief stint with reality television, we would have never had an opportunity to use any of her key tag phrases. "Holla", "Man down", and "Code 10", continue to rule as staples in the urban community, and in my opinion should definitely be added to all Ebonics lexicons.

Today we say thank you for all of the antics Frankie. You are truly a pioneer. Oh, and could you tell Keisha that her veneers are a tad too big. Thanks...


So Mr. Lance "So motherfuckin fine he blows my damn mind" Gross recently had a "day in the life" photo shoot. Here are a couple of pics from it. Him and Eva make a pretty good looking couple, I'd definitely watch. When they woke up in the morning, I'd be standing over their bed with my arms folded like when Lil' Mama rushed Jay Z's performance on the MTV Awards. Nice...

Tell us how it feels Eva? Inquiring minds sure as fuck wanna know...

"Baby you doin' somethin' right, you just canceled every other man here..."

I know they're probably looking at her ass, but do you guys see that cunt's big toe sticking out of the front of that boot? I'm just sayin...

Hot pics though.


It's Dynasty Wednesday

How dare Alexis' sister come into town and try to write a tell all book on her! The nerve of her! Alexis couldn't see her tired sister winning. You wanna write a book about me bitch, how about I buy the whole damn company? Now fuck you and your little tired ass book! In the next scene that bitch Alexis has the nerve to plan a costume party at Blake and Krystle's house without them even knowing. Then she brings a surprise guest that shakes up the party. I love Alexis, she is the ultimate pot stirrer. She always has some shit goin' on. Fucking bitch, I love it!

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I'm Goin' Down Young Black and Down Low said...

That's the day in the life of Lance Gross? the way Q it's Gross...Lance Bass is the gay white boy from N'sync, who wanted to fly to the moon...and since it's Black history Month, you don't want to make that mistake.

So that's Lance Gross's day, he wakes to a morning bone by Eva the Diva, who looks like she goes to bed fully make-uped, like she is a one of Prince's girl...then Diva helps him hold and aim his dick, for his morning pee...then he gets his a line up...just for him to make it rain at a drag queen strip show. I'm sorry I think they are making it rain for a dude, because home girl, has some manish looking hands in the picture. Add that and him trying to fit his size 13 feet in a woman's 10 1/2, and you got yourself a Joeshine Toolbox.

Either that or Wendy william is moonlighting at the Nasty Kitty.

I love Kanye West, but I'm not really feeling the Amber Rose throwback. I think the pose was more fire with Grace Jones skin tone.

Anyway no can say Kanye West don't makes stars though.

First Taylor Swift, now Amber Rose...I'm sorry but Kanye made Taylor who she is today!