Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Crazy Campbell, Exhale, and It's Dynasty Wednesday--The Finale...

O.K., so if we didn't know already Naomi Campbell just doesn't give a fuck. She will continue to go around hitting random people despite her many run ins with the law. Reportedly, the other day Naomi hit her driver in the back of the head when things weren't "going her way".
I'm not too mad at her though. Sometimes a mother fucker needs a good pimp hand to the head. Words don't hold as much weight sometimes. You know how when the television used to "snow up" on your favorite program? What did you do? You hit that bitch, and it went back to normal. Apparently, this is the Naomi philosophy.
I will go on record to say that us here at DO NOT condone violence of any kind, but sometimes you must conjure your inner Ike Turner and slap a bitch. Not only does it make you feel better, it also ups your "street cred" and let's other fuckers know that you're not to be messed with.
Go head Naomi! You looked great at McQueen's funeral by the way...


There's no real point to these pictures, I just wanted you to have your daily dose of eye candy...


I know that body conscious clothes are definitely all the rage, but somewhere we must draw a line. Jill Scott definitely looks as if she possibly maybe kinda sorta has lost maybe an ounce or two, but still she still looks stuffed. Her hair and makeup are flawless, but it looks like it took all of the kings horses and all the kings men to put get her ass in this dress.

Items needed by her stylist to get her into this outfit:

1. Fishing wire
2. Crisco
3. Gary Coleman
4. A steak knife
5. Scissors
6. A car jack
7. A Ford F-150
8. Faith the size of a mustard seed
9. Prayer
10. A four leaf clover
11. Double sided tape
12. Duct tape
13. Masking tape
14. A mouse trap
15. A Yankee candle (it must be lit for serenity)
16. oxygen tank
17. 4 packs of Spanx and 1 full compression garment

Oh, and Mariah...

Ya'll already know how I feel about this hot mess. Let me not even get my pressure up today.


So, we've had a great run. Make sure you enjoy the last installment of "Dynasty Wednesday". I thought it would be proper to end the series with the absolute first scene of Krystle and Alexis. Get into Krystle when she says that a piece of their furniture is "on loan by the museum".
Who loans a museum furniture? That is soooo beat!

Alright, that's enough crying. Put your damn hankerchiefs down and watch the fucking clip. I'll return next week with something even better. (wink)

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Anonymous said...

OMG!! did you really say faith the size of a mustard seed? *dead* you made my day today. muah!