Friday, March 05, 2010

"Rhymes With Duck" You Fridays, Does Anyone Smell That?, and Caught by Q

(steps onto podium, and adjusts mic) Thank you all for coming out today. For the second installment of "Fuck You Friday", I'd like to "honor" Miley Cyrus. I don't know about you guys, but I don't give a fuck about her tired weak dry stupid ass movie that's coming out. Nor do I give a fuck about her and her new boyfriend, and all of the teenage sex they're having. Nor do I care about her father Joe Jackson...I mean Billy Ray Cyrus! Nor do I care about the millions of dollars that this little winch has made for being a talent less teenybopper!
What does it all mean? It seems that more and more in this country, we are rewarding those who SHOULD have no place in the spotlight. (puts hand on chin) I think I know what happened? Movie and music executives have totally forsaken my age range because we don't have the disposable income to waste on movie tickets and cell phone ring tones. It's the teen and tweens with all of the big bucks. They are in essence the ones who decide what is "poplular", because they are the ones dropping the coins!
Ugggghhhhh!!! I'm not sure if this is a personal attack on Miley Cyrus herself, but more so an aversion of the whole "Miley Cyrus Taylor Swift Hillary Duff Movement". I don't blame Kanye for snatching the mic away from Taylor. She should have ben at home "sexting" (sex-texting) like every other teenage girl in the U.S. There's no place for kids at the MTV Awards, that's grown folks business!

Fuck this movie, and fuck whoever thought it was a good idea! Oh, and definitely fuck whoever promotes it!
Oh, and this has nothing to do with Miley, but fuck you to the bitch at the post office yesterday. Sorry that I had never shipped a package to Italy before and that you are an angry postal worker. I guess I would be mad too if I had to wear polyester pants all day! Fuck you! (takes a sip of water and steps off podium)

Who pissed you off this week? It's "Fuck You" Friday, let em know...(wink)


Vaginal itching:
A condition caused by trapping bacteria for too long under too many layers of too-tight clothes. All that warmth and moisture provide perfect conditions for incubating infections.
In fact, itching can be the unwelcome calling card of a wide variety of infections, ranging from bacterial vaginitis to yeast (also called Candida albicans or monilia) and trichomoniasis.

Break out the vaginal itch cream folks, it's more of Coco T. You guys know that we here at love to hate her. I just can't keep my eyes off the trainwreck.
I do know one thing, the makers of lycra and spandex will neeeevverrr go out of business as long as this chick is around. Everything has lycra in it...even her ass.

This was a twitpic Coco took on a Sunday morning before heading out to the temple for Praise and Worship...(side eye)

I love it, I mean I hate it! She's so tacky that it tips to the other end of the spectrum and translates as being good. I'm still scared though...
If you want more of the stankdom that is Coco T, visit


I saw this poor chick on the train the other day. From the moment I stepped on, to the when I arrived at my destination, she was working on the same math equation. Do you see that big ass calculator? She was also using the calculator on her cell phone as well. For as long as this bitch was working on that math problem, she could have calculated the national debt. Damn, you know what? I should have asked that bitch to do my taxes. Hmmmphhh, next time...

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