Friday, March 26, 2010

Rhymes with "Duck" You Friday, and The Short And Short Of It!

Wow, what a perfect candidate for "Fuck You Friday"? This sick bastard is a professor at East Bay University. On Wednesday, he was charged with statutory rape for molesting a 13 month old little girl. The story gets worse. Asshole (he doesn't even deserve a name) met a woman online who brought her daughter to him and allowed him to abuse her own daughter. Is this disturbing or what? I literally cringe whenever I hear about innocent children being victimized!
Only a sick fuck hurts a defenseless child. I swear the both of them should be publicly beheaded. I would show up with a bag of popcorn and a beer to watch.
It's literally one of the grossest things to me. I have nieces and nephews, and it pains me to even fathom ANYTHING like that happening to them.
The 13 month old girl was treated at a hospital, and is now in custody of the state.
Uggghhh, I hope those two fuckers rot in jail!


Now on to happier news... Last night I attended an event at The W honoring Alexander McQueen (more on that later). This is me taking a picture of myself in the women's bathroom (don't ask ho I got in there).

It was just barely warm enough for me to wear short shorts, so I did it. Later on in the night it started to rain a bit though. Luckily my spray on leg bronzer didn't streak.
You guys should brace yourselves for when it really gets warm. I'm ONLY wearing short shorts ALL Summer long. To church, work, bat mitzvahs, funerals, jury duty, I could care less--that's what I'm wearing dammit! I suggest you people get used to it. Oh, and stop staring at my legs you pervs!

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