Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hustler, Caught By Q, and Happy Anniversary!

Ummmm, so it seems that anti-gay activist George Rekers is back to his old habits. Rekers was supposed to be "cured" of his gayness, but recently he was caught in an airport with a (in Jay-Z voice) a hustla baby! Yep, that faux straight took a 10 day vacation with a male escort that he found on rentboy.com. Here's the twink that was taking it up the butt from Rekers...

Reker is a father of three, and the author of "Growing Up Straight: What Families should Know about Homosexuality." Should families know that the escort reportedly said that the Baptist minister is a homosexual who paid him to provide body rubs once a day in the nude. Oh, or perhaps that Rekers allegedly named his favorite maneuver the "long stroke" -- a complicated caress "across his penis, thigh... and his anus over the butt cheeks," as the escort puts it. "Rekers liked to be rubbed down there," he says.
When confronted about "Sausage Fest 2010", Rekers said that he hired the boy to carry his luggage. He said that it was difficult for him to lift heavy luggage after having surgery (wink wink).

I swear if it ain't the Catholics fondling little boys, it's the Baptist ordering dick online like pizza! What a goddamn shame!


Caught By Q

This was the scene from behind. It doesn't look so bad until you get the front view....

This old ass Santa Claus looking motherfucker was boo lovin' this young happy ending nail salon carryout order takin' young thing. It was seriously so gross. They were touching each other, and she was playing with that ratty ass ponytail of his. I was so grossed out that I literally ran off the train! What a Pepto Bismol moment.

I was walking around downtown the other day, and saw this young man doing his community service. Judging from the lacrosse t shirt he was wearing, I'm thinking things got a little rowdy at the frat house. Not an ideal way of spending your Saturday afternoon huh buddy? I guess lighting that mattress on fire wasn't a good idea at all.

Coming Soon: Dubai Shore, a spin-off of Jersey Shore. This motherfucker had on so many logos that it was ridiculous. His belt was Gucci logo, his shoes were D&G, and his watch was Diesel and as big as the clock that Flavor Flav wears around his neck. Catch his coif as well. The higher the hair, the closer to Allah!


Happy Anniversary!

On Sunday "The Pill" celebrated it's 50th Anniversary. "The Pill" revolutionized the contraceptive industry, and made it possible for chicks all over the world to get dug out raw without having a little bald baby nine months later. Before the FDA approved the first oral contraceptive on May 9, 1960, the only other birth control options were the diaphragm, condoms, the rhythm method, and in extreme cases, sterilization. More unorthodox solutions included vinegar sponges, olive oil, and even bleach (blank stare). I couldn't see pouring bleach in my coochie, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do...
Even though this lovely gem we call "The Pill" is available to us all, some teenage girl from the hood is on her ninth abortion. Why take the pill when you can just take a brick to the stomach in 3 months? (shrugs)


promiscuous X said...

Q you are a mess!!!! A brick !!! really hahahahaha

I have been secretly reading and catching up on all your post and I cant stop reading LOVE the post man. Keep it up

Jamar Herrod said...

Omg. The last brick was hillarious! The poor hypocritical guy buying escorts...nothing is new about that. The Asian lady wanted to get her freaky-freak on with the white guy...whatever floats her boat. Poor guy doing community service...maybe he can play Chris Brown's Graffiti album and reflect on his behavior LMAO. Meanwhile Ive worn multiple labels...but its usually not obvious like this guy seemed to be. The pill and bleach...they were getting creative back in the day...and yeah whats up with folks getting multiple abortions...and still on the pill? I dont understand. Oh well lol.