Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rhymes with "Duck" You Friday, Mr. Gaga, Not Again!, and Crush of the Week: Stacey Dash

Scene of the hot ghetto ass mess crime:
Grand Hyatt 1000 H Street Northwest
Washington, DC

May 20, 2010

9:58 pm

So last night I'm minding my own damn business (for a change) trying to make it home after a long work day. I decided to cut through The Grand Hyatt downtown, and it ended up being the worst decision I made since wearing those silky short sets in the 90's.
The lobby was full of loud crass ghetto ass high school students. They were having a prom, if you'd like to call it that? They were screaming obscenities and wearing offensive outfits. By offensive I mean just plain tacky. Here was the scene outside...

These ghetto people crowded the front door of the Hyatt, and made their own red carpet. Random family members were there in house shoes and pajama pants taking pictures of their kids. Shouldn't you do that before they leave home?
Needless to say the hotel guest were running scared, and the staff had no idea what to do. It was a mess. I even smelled weed burning. Really though? Come on.

Even though my stomach was upset, I managed to snap a quick video of this shit storm they called a prom. It'd be interesting to see how many babies are born into welfare exactly nine months from now--talk about!

Trust and believe me when I say that I loooove my Black people, I just don't care for nigger-like behavior!



Check out this fucking 6th grader who killed his own rendition of "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga. The young fella' performed at a talent show, and the video of him performing got over 2 million hits. Some execs from Lady Gaga's label actually saw the video, and is now in the process of signing him. Wow, the power of the internet! Watch the video here...


Not Again...!

What the fuck is wrong with BET? First it was Teairra Mari and the 'Sponsor' video, now it's Ciara with 'Ride'? They refuse to play the video because it's too racy? I remember back in the day when they used to have that show "UNCUT". It featured all of the uncut or unedited versions of music videos that they couldn't play during prime time. I swear I saw vagina lips one time while watching. Now we can't see Ciara do some freaky floor work? At least she's fully clothed. You guys already know that I looooove this video. I posted it as soon as it was released. Ciara looks amazing, and she dancing like she has wheels for feet--so smooth!
Fuck "holier than thou" BET! Where do they get off being the moral police. Do they know they have Monique's show on their network? Do us all a favor and cancel that fat bitch. I'd much rather watch Ciara bump and grind for an hour in lieu of countless "BAAAAAAABBBBBBYYYYYYY" outbursts from Monique. Ugggghhhh! (hyperventilating)


Crush of the Week: Stacey Dash

For those of you who have followed my blog from the beginning, you should know that Stacey Dash has already been my crush of the week once. I thought that it would be fitting again because she's featured in two current rap videos. The first being...

and secondly...

I just find it absolutely amazing that her ass is still a video chick. This bitch gotta be at least 60-70 years old. I'm not lying son! Her ass was old and playing a teenager when "Clueless" was out, and that was 1995! I'm not tripping, because she's gorgeous. If I liked beaver, I'd totally smash her! But I don't, so the next best thing would be us shopping for shoes together.

So pretty!

Even Yeezy thought so. Remember this?


Happy Birthday to Notorious BIG! I'm sure he's in heaven rollin' a big 'ol fatty and drinking Henny! Have a great weekend...

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