Monday, September 20, 2010

And My Weekend Went A Lil' Somethin' Like This..., Special Announcement, Speechless, and More Speechless!

Hi bitches. Yeah, so I'm in a good mood this morning, I'm sure it'll only last for another 20 minutes or so, but at least now I don't have thoughts of tasering anyone or throwing hot coffee in anyone's face. Let's see how long it last. I had a very busy week. I've been busier not having a job than when I actually worked at Neiman Carcus! No, I meant "Carcus", it was always dead in that bitch!

Let's hop to it...

On Wednesday Night my dear brother Borzou had a networking event. He's been hounding me to promo my new Events Planning company, Quincy Jones Events! I'm official, and up for any business you'd like to throw my way. Not only am I a pro at throwing events, but I assist with PR and Branding needs as well. You can find me here... You'll definitely hear more about this later.

That's my networking Happy Hour swag right there. Catch it!
That's my sister Nikki. She borrowed the Marc Jacobs sunnies for a quick photo shoot at the networking event. You never know when you'll feel inspired to create! Hot pic Nik!

Thanks Borzou for throwing such an amazing event. I'm so proud of you! Such a savvy businessman my brother is, and quite handsome too (It runs in the family).

On Friday I took myself on a day date. I went to the spa and then got a table for 3 (me, myself, and I) at Bourbon Steak for apps and drinks. The pear brandy sidecar there will make you publicly masturbate. It's sooooo good! Try it out sometime--the drink, not public masturbation.

Later on that night I met up with J, and Norman at the Essence Magazine CBC party. The party was held at the Ronald Reagan Building, and included a performance by EnVogue. They were there "holding on to their love" and shit! While those cougars were onstage reminiscing on teir youth, I was...

You got it! I was taking gay self mirror pics! What else was I supposed to do? The party was actually pretty fun, and I saw a lot of old clients and friends I hadn't seen in a while. Bigs ups Shawn Springs!

After swimming in sea of Blacks, I needed to see the opposite. I headed over to Dupont. Good thing Adrian Loving was spinning at Gazuza. We chatted for a while, had a drink, and hit it. I needed to wash down all of the night's drinking with a greasy slice of pizza, so that's what I did. It was so gross. but good!

On Saturday I rose early and did a bit of shopping. The day was gorgeous! I walked around Georgetown, and enjoyed the weather.

Later on in the day I went with my Friend Aureta to Policy. She was asked to be in a fashion show that featured some of DC's most "fashionable" people. She stole the show of course! Check out her blog for an update.

After all that runway walking, we were starving! We headed to Kushi for a bite to eat.

There's the sisters Dwayne and Aureta. I think they're the same person, I'm so not kidding...

After dinner, Dwayne, Norman and I headed over to...

Yep! Secrets. It's the greatest place on earth. This is one of the dancers. He has great assets, and knows how to use them. I wonder if he teaches a class?

After seeing all of that ass, I needed a break. So what did I do?

Gay self mirror picture time!

Get into Dwayne's silly band game. It's sick! lol

Yesterday, I had to repent for all of the swinging dick I saw the night before, so I went to church. Don't judge me. After church it was dinner at Kushi with Norman and Ky'Leigh, and then a movie at E Street! What a weekend!


That's my brother Kenneth! His birthday is coming up soon, and he's throwing a huge bash for his 3oth! The party will be here in DC at Bar 7 on October 2nd at 8pm. If you know my brother Kenneth, you know it'll be a great time, so bring that ass! Expect him to take off his shirt at some point too. That's my brother, and I love him...(shrugs). lol...


You know what else I love? Fucking Mechad Brooks and his new ad for Calvin Klein X! With a bulge and abs like that he could rule the world. He's so fetch that I'll let it pass that he only dates white women!


Today a memorial was held in honor of Alexander McQueen in London. It's been 8 months since the amazing fashion designer took his own life. Many showed up in high fashion to celebrate his life.

Daphne Guinness was there in huge platforms. She had a slight trip up, but looked beautiful and graceful nonetheless.





We miss him so much!


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