Monday, September 27, 2010

And My Weekend Went A Lil' Somethin' Like This, and "Fuck Em Girl" Monday/Bend It Like Beckham

Morning guys! I've had such a busy week. Between trying to get my company up and running, looking for an apartment, and my busy social schedule, I've been swamped. And just remember, whatever you do, I do in a bow tie! That's the life I chose

On Thursday I did a bit of shopping with girlfriends. We went to the shops at Chevy Chase.

After our last excursion at Dior we sat down at M Cafe for a bite to eat. We all had lots of catching up to do, so let's just say the sun ws setting when we finished the ke ke fest!

I headed back downtown towards home, an totally forgot about a Johnny Walker tasting that I was asked to attend. I b-lined it over to Mass Avenue to where it was held. There was a small reception with catered bites, following an extremely informative tasting that was held in a television studio.
This was the scene in the tasting room. No it's not a Microsoft convention!

After drinks with my girls, the reception, and then the tasting, I was a little buzzed. Only the fear of God stopped my from lifting my shirt like I was on 'Girls Gone Wild'. I kept it together until the end of the presentation, only to hear that the after party for the tasting was at Buddha Bar. Oh, and they said "free drinks". Two words that really shouldn't be grouped together at ANY time. Of course I went. It was a good time, and used what I learned at the tasting to order the perfect Johnny Walker cocktail.

I left Buddha Bar and headed home. I was talking to my friend Dwayne on the phone, and stumbled across a stallion at the ATM. I took a picture of the guy to send to Dwayne, because I know he would want to see what I had witnessed. All of that body at an ATM? Looks like he lives by the 'Jersey Shore' rules of GTL (Gym, Tan, and Laundry).

Get into how he knows I'm taking a picture of him. He poses actually. Good one

On Friday I packed a bag to head over to my girlfriend Yaneek's house to help her pack. She was moving from Maryland into VA. We packed up in record time, so we decided to hit the streets. Bourbon Steak it was! We can't resist the pear brandy sidecar, but there was also a surgeon convention in town. My plan was to faint in the middle of the bar, but it was too crowded. I wanted to make it dramatic, and in a crowded bar, it would have been hard to do.
After libations at Bourbon, we went to Buddha. After Buddha, we met me friend Christon at the Fireplace. He was there and saw a recent ex. We rushed to his side to be with him. We all know that sucks, and it feels good to have the support of your friends when you're going through a breakup. We had a drink there, and hit it to my girlfriend's house. We had to be up uber early to start the move.

Wake up time was 8 am, and my eyes felt like someone had superglued them together, they just wouldn't open. I needed some breakfast for fuel, so we checked out a local greasy spoon.

I'm glad we did, because this bitch fried the shit outta my eggs. People rarely ever get my eggs right, but she did. I like them fried over hard, not burnt-nothing runny.

After moving all day, I headed back into the city. I had a friend here visiting from LA, so we checked out Gibson. It was cute, they have some of the best drinks in the city!

After drinks, I met Dwayne on 14th street. We were going to try this new place, but before we did, we had to go see my friend AJ Parham perform at HR-57.

He's an amazing jazz performer. The show was great.

During intermission A.J. beckoned Dwayne onstage. Dwayne is a classically trained pianist, so he wanted him to perform a piece for the audience. Dwayne tore it up, and the audience went wild. They had no clue all of that was going to come from those skinny jeans, and cashmere cardigan!

After our jazz excursion, we grabbed a bite at Estadio on 14th. It was so good. It's tapas style, and everything is seasoned to perfection. Make sure you try it out of you're in DC. With a full stomach, we rolled ourselves onto the street, and contemplated going to a house party that our friends were throwing. After conquering "the itis", we decided to go.

Our girl Endiah met us there. She brought her own Patron! She couldn't see rail liquor.

The party was cute, but there were girls there in flats so we left. We headed over to Endiah's restaurant on U st and grubbed down!

It was 4 am at this point, so I headed home to get some rest. My body was literally aching from moving day. I'm getting old. I can certainly tell the difference from now and a decade ago. There's no way I could do the things I did back then, I'd die! Not a Rachel Zoe "I die", but literally 8 feet under!

Yesterday I slept for the better part of the day. I got up at around 3:30 to meet friends for lunch, and came back home for round 2 of sleep.

I got up and ate dinner (Thanks J) while watching 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'. I chased a shot of NyQuil with my glass of wine, and before you knew it, I was knocked out! Come se dice "Thank God for NyQuil" en espanol?

Happy Monday fuckers!

I was talking to my girlfriend last night on the phone. She told me the most offensive story ever. It had something to do with a man and him totally disrespecting his woman. He seemed to have no clue he was being disrespectful, but I can't see how that's possible. Guys never cease to amaze me. Just when you think they have it together, they do something else to fuck things up.

Have you guys heard about heartthrob David Beckham and his alleged cheating?

Hopefully it's not true, but how could he cheat on Victoria? How could he have another bitch lick on his soccer balls when Victoria staves herself for him! What a pig!

So every Monday I will post your men bashing stories. Send them to me, I can't wait. You know those stories that your friend tells you, and all you can say is, "Fuck Em Girl"?

I don't condone violence, but sometimes you get pushed so far that you have no choice to slap the shit out of your man. Just don't kill them like these bitches do though...


-GØØD MØRNiNG BLU∑Z- said...

You seem to be quite busy dear. And the boy at the atm was gorgeous..DARK SKIN IS MY WEAKNESS!

And you are only 32...that tells me its your diet and exercise or lack of that is making you tired like that. You ARE VERY YOUNG!

Tamara said...

you know that's my fav type of eggs too "fried over hard" - why some people can't get that right!