Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making A "Long" Story Short, Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down, Cristiano Ronaldo,

Bear with me today people. I just can't quite get it together for some reason. Hold on one sec...

Ahhh, there we go.

So, it seems that Eddie "Suck My Balls And Call Me Daddy After Sunday School" Long really didn't tell us much at his press conference on Sunday. He claims not to be "the man they're portraying him to be in the media". His cult, I mean congregation fully supported him, while giving him standing ovations. I'm also sure the collection plate was extra heavy last Sunday as well.

(Eddie Long to G Dub: You know, It's such a coincidence that your last name is "Bush". Look at that guy sitting on the third pew to your left...)

Anywho, yesterday reporters caught up Jamal Parris one of the men coming forth accusing Long of boner banging. In the video Jamal says that Long wanted him to call him "Daddy". You know how many men have wanted me to call them "Daddy"? Let me tell you, it wasn't in no damn church either!

I'm not saying Long was right, but this Jamal Parris is kinda cute. I would have maybe waited until 12:01 am on his 18th birthday to slip a mickey in his communion wine if I were Long too. Parris went on to say that when the next young piece of d&a (dick and ass) came around, they were thrown to the wayside. All of the money, lavish gifts, and trips also stopped immediately. I wonder if Eddie takes off his lace front when he's tagging it? So gross! Well, I've done worse things for money, you know like working for Neiman Marcus? That was bad! Ugh...

Check it out Jamal Parris telling his story here.... I bet Long had some fun with those lips? I'm just saying.


Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down!

The video you are about to see is pretty damn funny, but I posted it as more of a warning to my heterosexual male readers. Warning: Be wise about who you chose to disrespect! I always say that hell hath no fury like a gay man's scorn. When poked and prodded, gays are some of the most hateful fuckers on earth. Just combine the up and down emotions of a woman with the strength and testosterone of a man, and see what you get. It's pretty much a recipe for a good ass whipping. The man in the video below got just that.

He was probably fuckin' with that poor tranny, and look at what he got in return--a bloody nose. Serves that little bitch right--not the tranny, the man.


It's no doubt that Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is sexy, but his new Armani underwear commercial takes it to the next level. His body and face look amazing!

My number one underwear ad of course is Marky Mark and Kate Moss for Calvin Klein, followed by David Beckham for Emporio Armani, Djimon Hounsou for Calvin shot by photographer Peter Lindbergh, and lastly the newest Calvin Klein X commercial with Mechad Brooks. Wow, you would have thought I was on a camping trip with all the tents I pitched watching that commercial. As a matter of fact...(pulls up YouTube)

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