Thursday, September 09, 2010

FNO, and 'The Housecunts of DC--Season 2'

I figured I'd have a huuuugggeee breakfast today, being that I won't be eating at all tomorrow in celebration of Fashion's Night Out. Everyone should join me in a "Fast for Fashion". What better way to get geared up for Fall, and shed those extra few pounds? A cup of red grapefruit slices, and a swig of Ciroc Red Berry should do. The breakfast of Fashion champions!

Make sure you celebrate the National Holiday (Fashion's Night Out) in your own way. Whatever city you're in, there's definitely parties and discounts at your favorite stores and boutiques. Check out the link for all New York events and happenings here...

Oh, and if I catch any woman in flats tomorrow, it's your ass! Heels! Heels! Heels! There will be absolutely no exceptions. I don't care if you just had back surgery, I don't care if you're pregnant, I don't care if you're 80, and I certainly don't care if you don't know "how to walk in them"! You better learn before tomorrow maggots! I'm so not kidding, I'm calling people out, and taking pictures for the blog. If you see your face on the blog on Monday, you can only fault yourself, because I warned you!

'The Housecunts of DC--Season 2'

I know you guys have missed our antics, but we're back with a slightly new cast. This should make for a great reunion show...

You guys know this chick. That's "Big Meech" aka Nikki. She enjoys online shopping, manicures, and eating out. While most bitches collect tea pots and shit, she collects bathing suits and shoes. Peel off all the accessories, and you'll find a sweet girl--just don't fuck with her, cause she'll check your chin!

Tamara aka "Swimmer's Hair" (as seen in photo above) is our corporate chick. She spends her days at the office crunching numbers for the firm. She plays just as hard as she works though. She has more frequent flyer miles than an eagle. She's always in the sky!

Erika is the blonde bombshell. She loves Taylor Lautner and embellished blazers. While her boobs may be double D's, she's on top of her "A" game. I'm sure Nicki Minaj would love to sign her boobs!

You could call her Ms. Fancy Bitch or "B", she's one of the baddest chicks around. Whether she's on the cover of your favorite magazine, or relaxing by the beach, she's always camera ready. Oh, and don't even try to catch her, she's too far away...

Who wants some of "Lady D"? Darleata is beautiful, fearless, and confident. She knows what she wants, and always gets it! Don't be jealous.

Yaneek has a body like a Maserati and the face of an angel. With new business ventures, and a totally new focus in life, Yaneek doesn't have much time for bullshit. Stay out of her way, or you'll get run over.

Last but not least, it's me. Quincy aka "the bowtie don"! No one man should have all this power...

Stay tuned, because this new cast should be interesting. 'DC Housewives' who?

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