Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Make Love, Not War, Dancing With The Dim Stars, and Holiday Shopping With CoCo T...

First things first! I have an extremely busy day of work and meetings, I might as well start the day off with a nice healthy breakfast. Five Mike and Ike's and a glass of wine should definitely do the trick, you think? I normally only have 4, but I figured I didn't have to ration my portions anymore being that the war is over!

Besides, it's almost fashion week. If ANYONE eats anymore than this for breakfast, they're heffers. I'm so not kidding.

So Brandy "I love lace fronts with baby hair" Norwood has been added to the new season of Dancing With The Stars? I love myself some Brandy, but it seems that she just can't quite ever get it right. Brandy hasn't had a hit, since Whitney Houston took her first hit of coke. And we all know that's been a long ass time! Hopefully this will revive her career. Her shit needs CPR and all types of mouth to mouth, because it's been lifeless ever since Afrodisiac. I'm crossing my fingers for you girl, and can't wait to see you in all of your lace front wig glory!

Last night, as any normal gay male does, I was surfing CoCo T's website (side eye). Just in time for your Holiday shopping, is offering all types of skanky goodness.

Keep your eyes peeled to CoCo T's website for the premiere of her new denim line. She says it's for the "curvy girls". By "curvy" does she mean injected with as much silicone as possible? I'm just saying.

They're perfect for Bat Mitvah's...

...and for going to church.

...and she even sells air freshners. Knowing CoCo, they're not meant to be hung in your car if you know what I mean.

...and last but not least, you can but a CoCo T gift package that includes a calendar, airfreshners, and a cum rag (no cum rag, but it should be included). Perfect for that new grad. What an amazing dorm room gift for a young man.

Wow, all my holiday shopping was done like that on CoCo T's website. Damn, thanks CoCo T (big fake smile)!

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MySocialChef said...

I feel the same way about Brandy. I really do love her. Her music is great, but gets no play. Her brother is bringing her down!