Monday, October 04, 2010

And My Weekend Went A Lil' Somethin' Like This, Blank Stare, and Cadillac Kim?

Yeah bitches! I hope everyone had a great weekend. If you are on the East Coast, we had amazing weather on Saturday--simply picturesque! Yesterday was a different story, but you guys know I love the rain--I'm morbid like that!

Anyway, I had a whirlwind of a week. In the midst of trying to drum up business, and apartment searching, the week was full of events. On Wednesday my friend Aureta was honored at The Phillips Museum by The Washingtonian Magazine. She was named one of 2010's Washington DC 'Stylesetters'. No one deserves the award more than her. The Magazine featured her in a spread where she was impeccably photographed. Check out more on the event here...

The event was fun, and featured all of the usual "DC Socialites". During the event I had to sneak away to...

You guys should already know.

Everyone looked great at the event, but Erika of 'Real Housewives of DC' stole the show in a chic LBD with black lace up python Louboutins. I told her that I should knock her in the head with my wine glass for wearing those. Amazing.

Hi Dwayne!

After the event, we were starving. Of course we went to Bourbon Steak to chow down.

There's Aureta walking into Bourbon Steak. She looked so amazing that she literally stopped traffic! Perhaps she's missed her calling as a traffic guard. i can see her now directing traffic in avant garde couture!

On Thursday it was more apartment searching. Please let me now if anyone has a 2 bedroom for rent available for a November 1st move in date. In DC of course preferably downtown or Logan/Dupont area. I'm gonna give it another try today, and if nothing else comes up in my price range I'm considering being homeless. I hope they have walk in closets at the shelter, because I have loooots of shoes.

On Friday I had errands all day! It was almost time for me to run back home to get ready for an event, and I remembered that I hadn't eaten all day. It was like 4 pm, and the only thing I had in my mouth was a toothbrush. Well...

What do you eat when you're in a hurry, and don't have time to sit? Fast food! McDonald's it was! Even after all of the bad Facebook PR, I had to do it. I was 3 minutes away from fainting and meeting my maker. While in line waiting for my processed nuggets and french fries drenched in grease, I saw her...

She inspired a Fall look for me. I see all winter white, kinda like Whitley Gilbert from 'A Different World'. I'm gonna do it in a suit and turtleneck though. Make sure you look out for that. See how you can find inspiration anywhere?

After clogging my arteries, I rushed home to get ready for the ALL Access VIP Fashion Show and Reception at Tysons Corner Galleria. The special invited guest was Patricia Field. She looked like she died back in the 80's, but she was extremely sweet.

After meeting her, we hit it back into the city to stop by Bourbon Steak to say hello to Dwayne. It was my alma matter's homecoming weekend, so I had friends in town.

We hit up Bourbon Steak, we hit up Kushi and devoured our food. We ordered everything under the sun. It was amazing!

The only thing that was bad (and always is) is that ridiculous manager Tom. He has a chip on his shoulder. Actually, fuck that, he has a BAG of chips on his shoulder. He definitely shouldn't be working in the service industry. Perhaps her should consider working for the DMV, or at the Comcast call center? They employ rude fuckers like him.

After Kushi it was Buddha Bar.

After Buddha Bar, it was home.

Saturday I apartment searched all day long. When I got home I was exhausted. I knew I had my brother Kenny's birthday party later that night, so I got acquainted with my couch and 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian' re runs.

I got a call from my girl around 6 saying that she had box seat tickets to go see Drake, but we had to move quick.

I was ready before you could say "Drizzy"!

The show was great, but there were waaaay too many youngins there. Maybe I'm just getting too old or something?

Drake was doing what he does best--sounding nasal.

Catch the girl in the middle of the picture in the purple dress. This bitch was wearing a tiara, and the worst poofy dress I had ever seen. She looked like she stepped off the set of the ghetto version of 'My Super Sweet 16'. She wasn't even sitting there by the way. She made her way up the front, and security kept telling her to go back to her seat which was a nose bleeder. She couldn't see listening to them. Every time I looked down, she popped back up like a groundhog out of it's hole. What a dumb broad!

After the show we went over to Bar 7 to celebrate with my brother Kenny. Here he is...

Well, that's his cleavage. He wore a really cute kimono style sweatshirt from one of my favorite stores. I couldn't see telling you which one, and Kenny couldn't see wearing a shirt under it! He was in the gym all week working on chest for this one!

My girl's Migdalia and Sheemia were on deck looking beautiful if I may ad. After consuming our weight in alcohol, we went to Oohs and Ahhs and washed it down with chicken wings, greens, and mac and cheese.

No wonder I felt so heavy yesterday. Yesterday it was (say it with me) more apartment searching. And guess what I'm doing today? Yeah, you got it. Now leave me alone so I can get dressed. (wink)


Blank Stare

I don't know what I can really say about this. For starters I can say that it's disturbing, and wrong on so many levels. Is it entertaining? Yes. So watch.


Cadillac Kim?

I know you guys are tired of hearing about Jim Jones, I mean Eddie Long and his accusers, but just one more thing (don't take my word for that). This cunt Cadillac Kim went off on YouTube recently about Long and his allegations of fondling man sacs. Even though this broad is a bamma, she does speak some truth. And by damn is it funny!

This bitch needs

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