Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Superman That Ho, Caught By Q, I'm Oprah Bitch!, and Where's The Beef?

Good Day Bitches. You know I couldn't let a full week go by without a single mention of my guilty pleasure Soulja Boy. He was recently in the news with allegations from Kat Stacks(resident ho and dick sucker to the stars) that he was a coke head. She went on to that he couldn't "get it up", and took video of his hotel room where there was a substance that appeared to be cocaine. Is this supposed to be breaking news that stars do coke? It really doesn't phase me much, but then again, Soulja Boy could proabably slap my mother and get away with it.

I just have no clue why guys keep dealing with that dumb broad Kat Stacks. Even after they've seen how she's blown up spots, they continue to fuck with her. The power of the p-u-s-s-y! No matter what the brain may say, the penis always trumps logic. And what kind of a name is Kat Stacks? I'm gonna have to see a birth certificate or a government issued id, her mama couldn't have named her that. If that is her real name, she was destined to be a ball sack licking whore. Check out her video here...

Here's a video where Soulja Boy is being interviewed, and actually handles the situation pretty well. It was his fans in the background that popped off. Around 1:30 seconds, the video goes to a very urban land far far away. Somehow a stripper is yelling at Kat Stacks on camera, and then claps her ass on film? I'm just gonna take one guess and say that I'm sure she didn't go to Sidwell Friends? Also, catch her friend with the gap that could bite an apple through a picket fence. Black people rock!

Speaking of Blacks...

This morning I was taking the bus ride of shame home, and saw this chick. She had an orange and red mohawk thing. If that wasn't scary enough, she was BLASTING rap music that was even too hard core for me! When she stood up to get off at her stop, I was blessed enough to see her fat rolls billow over her jeans as she grabbed onto the overhead bars. Oh, and what jeans they were. It was some kind of denim with waaaaaayyy too much lycra, and really bad contrast stitching. I'm dead!

...and if the orange mohawk bitch didn't kill me, Oprah certainly did!

Monday began Oprah's last season on air. She started the show by saying that she had a huge surprise for her guest. I was thinking to myself, "How could she top giving everyone in the audience a car?". She did top it! Everyone in the audience is going to Australia! You don't ever see that shit happen on 'The Wendy Williams Show'.
Oprah is seriously the queen bitch! She has conquered television, and has changed broadcasting as we know it! One thing though...with all that money, why doesn't she get her bunions fixed?

That's some nasty shit right there. But who cares, she's Oprah. Looks like wearing Louboutins everyday on set has ruined her dogs! (shivers)

So the diss tracks continue! Nick Cannon recently released a track "dissing" Eminem. I just can't take Nick Cannon seriously. He was in 'Drumline' for heaven's sake! Anyone that's been on Nickelodeon, I don't really see as a threat for some reason. I'm probably more scared of Justin Beiber?

Anyway listen to his wack attempt to "diss" Eminem...

Even though I loathe Eminem and his "angry white boy act", Nick couldn't come close to this...

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