Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And My Weekend Went A Lil' Somethin' Like This, No Words, and Age Ain't Nuthin' But A Number?

How does someone who has no job need a personal assistant? I swear I've needed one this last week. I feel like everything in my life is up in limbo. I'm juggling knives blindfolded, there's just so much to do and not enough time. If anyone would like to devote a couple (a couple=8 hours) a day to be my personal assistant, please email me. I offer absolutely no benefits, no pay, and the boss can be a tad bitchy at times.

Anyway, my week was full of open houses and appointments to try and find a place to live. At this point I'm seriously considering the homeless shelter. Just as long as they have a cool dry place for my shoes, I'll be fine living on the streets. After a long day of appointments, I had just realized that I hadn't eaten all day. If you wanna great meal on a budget, hit up Chef Geoff's on Happy Hour. You get a burger and fries for $5.95!

It's always as good as it looks. I washed it down with a heaping glass of sangria!

This was the vicious scene half way through me finishing my meal. The plate was damn near clean before I left. And I STILL have a 26 inch waist. Who wants to fuck with me?

I know what I do fuck with, it was my bill. I'm used to paying this for one drink. My pear brandy sidecar addiction is very expensive, I need sponsors asap (cue Teairra Mari)!

After that meal, I had some major "itis". I stumbled home while scratching my full belly. I plopped my fat arse on the couch, grabbed the remote, and got it crunk with cable. Next thing I knew it was Thursday...

photo courtesy of REVAMP.COM

On Thursday I attended the DC Magazine 5th Anniversary party. The party was held at the amazing PNC building on 17th st. What a lovely venue. I had an amazing time with my friends, and met lots of new people.

There's Dwayne and Normie waiting to exit the party. After the soiree, Dwayne and I headed to Rogue for a burger. We split it because we had outfits to fit into for the upcoming weekend!

Saturday it was back to house hunting. Here is my apartment search swag. Maybe if I spent less time coordinating outfits and concentrating on apartments, I'd be in one by now. Ugh.
Later on in the day my ace J had a birthday/housewarming party. It was a blast.

Here is Dwayne trying to teach me to play spades. I have no clue how to play or even know what the objective is. I'll just stick to my number one hobby--watching 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' on dvr.
After the party, I headed over to Josephine's to do some market research. I've been asked to do some promoting there, and wanted to check out the crowd. Most of the crowd looked like "upscale Jersey Shore fist pumpers", while others were tasteful and refined. We had a cocktail, and headed back home.

Sunday morning it was time for an open house for a place that I REALLY wanted. I wore leopard print to show my aggressiveness. The open house was at 10 am. I arrived at 10:04, and there were already two people there filling out applications and leaving deposits. Damn you white people move quick. I thought I was on time? They must have been waiting on the front porch? I looked around what I hoped to be my new place, and quickly got discouraged. I left without filling out an application and went to have a mimosa (okay I had 3).

I napped and watched tv all day until I had to get up and prepare for my friend's "engagement dinner". The "dinner" was held at The Ritz Carlton at Pentagon City. The cocktail hour began at 7. It was amazing. The passed hors d'Ĺ“uvres were to die for and the drinks matched. I wouldn't expect anything less from my girl Nikki Madi!

Here is Meta and company having libations while we wait to have "dinner" (wink wink). After cocktail hour a nice gentleman came to the door and announced that dinner would be later. He escorted us into another room that was set up for a wedding ceremony. We had been duped! Bamboozled! This wasn't an engagement dinner, they were getting married. I love surprises, and I love weddings, so I was in gay heaven.

Nikki looked absolutely stunning in a strapless fitted fish tailed gown. Even in a wedding dress, she still couldn't hide all that ass though...lol.

The bride and groom exchanging vows.

Here is the reception room. Everything about the wedding was perfect. Congrats Nik and John!

You people were telling me that yesterday was a holiday? I have no clue, I'm unemployed everyday runs together. You could tell me that today is Saturday and I'd believe you. I was pretty productive yesterday. I did things around the house, and did work online. I felt good about things. I wanted to reward myself with dinner and a movie.

I met up with J, and we went to SEI. It was so yummy. After din din, we went to see Freakonomics at E St Cinema.

The movie was an interesting documentary that studied incentive based thinking. What is people's motivation to do certain things. Once you find other people's motivation, you can mold situations to your favor. Great movie!

After the movie I went home to catch RHWOA. It's become an addiction, and it's only the 2nd episode. Watch what happens! lol...


Did you guys hear about the gang members in the Bronx who tortured boys who they "believed" to be gay? They burned them with cigarettes, beat them, and sodomized them with plungers.

They ALL deserve to rot in jail. It seems that there is a resurgence of gay bashing. Are these youngsters following a trend, or are they really that hateful towards gays? These assholes are minorities themselves, and should know how being judged and discriminated against feels.
I'm just hoping justice is served, and the victims and their families cope as best as possible. So disgusting!


Speaking of disgusting...Why is Miley Cyrus dressing like she works in the Red Light District lately? Isn't she like 12 or something? When she becomes "of age" what will she be wearing? There really isn't much more she could take off. If she's photographed wearing a maxi pad and nipple clamps at the next Teen Choice Award, I wouldn't be surprised. If that "Achy Breaky Heart" man don't tell his daughter to put some damn clothes on, I will. I couldn't see my daughter going around dressed in whore gear. They already grow up waaaay too fast. When I was 17, my mom still had me in pigtails sucking a lollipop. Maybe that's where my problems come from now? Hmmm...

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