Monday, October 25, 2010

And My Weekend Went A Lil' Somethin' Like This, The Like Button, Cougar Playboy, Where Are You Yeezy?, The Whites Are Whippin'?

Hey guys, It's me. You remember me right? No? Sorry about the lapse in blogging last week. I was super busy. I STILL haven't found a concrete place to live. I'm so picky! I know I better have a place by the end of the week, or I'm coming to stay with one of you guys--piles of shoes and all!

I feel like I'm so out of the loop. I missed the Beyonce pregnancy rumors...

Of course Mama Knowles has already squashed them though. Joe Jackson, I mean Tina Knowles couldn't see her cash cow getting knocked up by J. She has to kick out at least 3 more albums with full tours before Beyonce could even think of it. I would love to see her preggers though. I'm just kinda scared of what the baby would look like? Maybe they should adopt?

I also missed the Rachel Zoe preggers rumors! She is denying the rumors down even though it was confirmed that she was having a baby boy. Just from watching the show I know that Rachel wasn't happy at the idea of a crumb snatcher, but her "gusband" (gay husband) insists! I'm with Rachel carrying a baby to fashion week is not chic!

(drools)...and I missed Ocho Cinco Twitpicing his half naked body. Damn damn damn. I just wanna sing India Arie's 'Brown Skin' to him while he tosses...a football. What else did you think I wanted him to toss? Keep it PG people! (side eye)

So as for me, you guys know what I've been doing. It's been open house one after another! I'm claiming this one particular house, and it WILL be mine. Please pray that my search is over. With all of that being said, I've been hitting up lots of happy hours. Papa has been stressed. I found that best Happy Hour in town. Firefly at the Hotel Madera has $1 drinks from 3-4, $2 drinks from 4-5, $3 from 5-6, and $4 from 6-7. They also have small plates and apps for discounted prices. My friend Ky and I had 2 glasses of wine each, and 3 appetizers and our bill was only...

$24? He even hooked us up with a free round of wine. This is the greatest place on earth. You know I'll be back. If you're in DC, try it out!

On Saturday is when I saw my dream house (the one that you all are praying for me to get). After such excitement, I stopped at Policy for a bite to eat and a drink. I went to reach for something from my bag and realized how perfect my layering arm was. Even my friend Dwayne who came to meet me after said it. It's the perfect mix of high/low.

After I ate at at Policy, Dwayne and I headed over to Marvin on U street to eat more. I had shrimp and grits! After dinner we needed another drink, so Gibson it was! Not before we used the potty. All of the male restrooms were full, so I had to resort to using the ladies.

...and this is what I saw. When they "pad", do they mean iPad? I hope so, because I put mine in

After getting in touch with my feminine side, we went to Gibson for a pear brandy sidecar. It was AMAZING. My friend Dwayne and I comp shop sidecars all over the city. This one was actually better than my Four Seasons favorite.

After our drink, we headed to a house party. One of my old friends was throwing it. It was cute--not really my scene, but cute. I looked around the room and saw lots of 40 something gay men and thought to myself, "Is this where I'll end up?" I didn't want to be 40, gay, and doing the electric slide in someone's living room. There's nothing scarier. Everyone was really nice though, and it was nice to be the young one in the room. Guys kept saying that I was "a baby". Of course I am to their old geriatric asses! After the party, I came home and crashed--not party crashed as in the Salahi's--crashed meaning fell asleep.

On Sunday I woke up and started to pack things up at my house. At around noon I stopped for a brunch break. Normie and I went to Estadio, a new Spanish tapas restaurant in Logan Circle. It was really good. Spanish french toast with walnut butter--YUM!
I came home and napped for a tad, and then started to get ready for my girl Laura Govan's party at the Gucci store.

The party was cute. It was a great turnout. Partial proceeds went to Laura's foundation for childhood obesity. Hi Yaneek and Meta!

Speaking of obesity...

My friend Dwayne and I went to Cafe Asia last night to hear some ghetto music and dance like video hoes (kidding...kinda) and saw this chick. Why the fuck would she wear this? Then she had the nerve to be tugging on it ALL night long. She looked like a pig in a blanket. I was mad at her, so we left.

Now it's Monday morning at 10:15 am, and I'm blogging. I promise to never leave you guys for that long again. Thanks for all of the hate mail too by the way. Wow, you guys get really touchy when I don't update. Peace bitches!


So the other day I was scrolling through Facebook on my cell phone seeing what foolish things my friends had to say and came across this...

First, I don't know if this particular person should have been on a social networking site while he was at his grandfather's wake. Second, why did 2 people like the comment? I felt so weird inside that I stayed off Facebook for 2 days. Isn't that some wild shit? Don't tweet or update your Facebook statuses at funerals people, it's sooo not cute.


43 year old Pamela Anderson is spreading her cougar cooch for the 14th time in the pages of 'Playboy'. Her vagina is like Times Square, everybody has either seen it on television, or been there. She does look damn good for her age, but I will too if I go under the knife that many times.
My hat off to you Pam for having the confidence to pose at 43. Oh, and hats off to you as well for taking all of that dick Tommy was serving you in the porn that was "leaked" some years ago. She's had more meat in her than a refrigerator. Damn!


So If you haven't had a chance to catch Kanye's 30 minute video for 'Runaway', here it is. Kanye can do no wrong in my eyes. Even when he snatched the mic from that little white girl, somehow I found it to be her fault.

The video is full of amazing imagery and of course his dope ass music. If you have 30 minutes of your life to waste, check out the video below.


Willow Smith's video for 'Whip My Hair' was released lat week to rave reviews. I have a feeling that this little chick is about to kill it. Her ass doesn't need any damn money as rich as her big-eared father is, but she's raking it in already with ringtone and iTunes sales.

Also, when you have won over the whites and you have them dancing to your music--you're in there! Check out the video above, as well as a host of others online mimicking the video. I've even been known to whip my hair once or twice myself. Sssshhhhh, don't tell anybody though.

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Meka Monroe said...

You literally S-L-A-Y me...I mean you have me in tears!!! I need to get up with you bcuz you're weekends are TOO fab...

I'm so pissed at American Apparel for selling piglet h*es those played-out leggings that I could SCCCRRREAM. Ri-damn-diculous :o/