Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ugg-ly, Censored Sir Elton?, Grrrrrr.....

Ummm yeah, so you guys know I love you right? You know how much I love you guys? I had computer problems, so I'm at the Mac store. I'm actually blogging here on one of the computers while I wait. People are looking at me weird, but I could care less. It's kind of comfortable here. I've set up my own make shift office and everything. If you need me call me at the Georgetown Apple Store. Tell them to connect you to the guy in Moncler. Anywho...

On my way to this bitch I took the bus and saw these. It damn near sent me over the edge. Uggs with side pockets? Just when I thought the things couldn't get any uglier.

Ugg Exec #1 in meeting: So guys, we have to think of a way to make these things even more hideous than they are now. Suggestions? (someone raises hand in back) Yes, you in the back...

Ugg Exec #2: How about we make them bulkier, and add crazy looking pockets to the sides of them?

Ugg Exec 1: (rubs chin) Pockets? That could work.

Ugggghhhh! Someone help me!


Sir Elton

If you guys didn't know by now, Ms. Elton John and her wife (husband) had a baby on Christmas day. The baby was of course born through a surrogate, and is adorable. However, if you live in Arkansas and shop at a redneck store called Harps you'd probably never know.

The couples US magazine cover was censored with a block that reads, "Family Shield to protect young Harps shoppers"? I'm so confused. What's wrong with this?

They're not holding the baby dressed in gay bondage leather gear? The baby isn't using a mini butt plug as a pacifier? There's no anal beads in the shot? Which if I had a baby ALL of those things would be incorporated. It looks pretty wholesome to me besides the fact that they're both pickle eaters? What's wrong with that? What are they protecting kids from? So strange.
Obviously they didn't watch yesterdays Oprah! So rude!

Congrats To Ms. Elton and her new addition. Go on Girl! lol...



If you really wanna get my temperature boiling, nothing makes me more upset than Jennifer Hudson's Weight Watcher commercial. When she hits that high note a million tiny hairs on my back stand at attention, I become tense, and one time I could have sworn I blacked out. Remember years ago that woman who went into seizures every time she heard Mary Hart's voice? Yeah, I have have a similar experience when I hear this commercial.

Some people should just stay fat, and she is one of them. Well, history has shown us what Weight Watchers does to those in Hollywood anyways. I giver her 6 months for her and Kirstie Ally to be eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts together back at her initial weight.

Freedom is mine, and I know how I feel shit!



I hope not for jenni because she is so small...i just think she got too small..i hate to be the its always something person, but lord..i am happy for her but its made her mouth extra wrinkly like..,she got too small for her face.

♫Hershey's Kiss♫ said...

Lord Jenni got small quickly, but I think she looks good.