Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Upset, Confused, and Happy...


Hey guys, I've just been so upset for the last few days. As we all know Sunday was the final episode of Atlanta Housewives Season 3. It was the highest rated season in 'Housewives' history.

I'm sure the high ratings had a little something to do with NeNe and her fights with Dwight, Greg, Kim, Peter, and hell everyone! I think there was even a scene where she fought with Phaedra's baby? The show is definitely a train wreck, but what do I have to live for now?

Then if the season ending of ATL Housewives wasn't enough to send me into convulsions, this is coming out...

A Justin Beiber movie? Who the fuck wants to see a Justin Beiber movie? Oh my God, I can't take it, I swear I'm gonna scream. And then I'm believing it's in 3-D? I seriously am breaking out in hives right now just talking about it. Normally I'm all for teenage girl masturbation material movies, but this one is just vile.

Someone stop me if I'm going too far, but I give Justin Beiber about 5 years before he comes out and goes all "Raz-B" on That's his pimp! If ANY of you reading this goes to see this movie, there will be hell to pay from me. Hell I say!



I was flipping through the channels the other day and stopped on 'Celebrity Rehab' on Vh-1. Upon watching for a mere 2 minutes, I was so confused. First of all, Is she a celebrity?

Second of all, some people just shouldn't be saved. Frankie was born to be one of those raging alcoholic druggie lunatics. It was her path from birth. Why should we interfere? Sending Frankie to rehab just fucks with the universe. Let her be. She belongs in an alley somewhere free basing, eating fried chicken out of a big cardboard tub, and dancing to old school rap. Anyone who believes otherwise is wrong! Some human beings sole purpose on earth is to be a court jester. She's funny. Probably not as funny sober, so let her be dammit!


I was so confused when I heard that Rick Ross and friends apparently spent 1 million dollars at a strip club for his birthday? I'm so glad I stole his cd off Limewire. I couldn't see giving him my 10$. So he could blow it in the club? If he can piss away a mil in the trap, then he is better off than I am.

As a matter of fact, there was one song that I couldn't find on Limewire, and I had to actually pay for from iTunes, where can I write to get that back? I'm so not kidding. Not for anything people, it's Black History Month, could we not act so nigger-like this month at least? OMG...(holds head).

I'm so confused. Don't you have to be divorced before you can get married again? Kelsey Grammer couldn't see waiting! He's apparently getting married on Feb. 25 at the Plaza in NY. His soon to be ex wife "Crazy Camille" is asking for a 50 million dollar settlement, and I believe she deserves every bit of it. As weird as she may be, she stood by his side for 13 years, raised their family, tickled his old wrinkled saggy milky white nut sack when I'm sure she didn't want to, and he up and leaves her without notice? Take him to the cleaners Camille!



Rihanna premiered her video for S&M the other day, and I absolutely love it. I'm so happy for her and all of her success. See, there was life after that ass whoopin' Chris Brown put on that ass!

...and I'm out like Mubarak.

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