Wednesday, January 12, 2011

'The Game', EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!, 'The Apprentice', and Good Lawd!


So I'm sure most of you guys tuned in last night to watch 'The Game' on BET. I never was a fan of that show, and after last night I NEVER will be. After watching only 10 minutes of this low budget telenovela, I was done. I'd rather fight on the front lines in Iraq than to watch this garbage again. Actually,you know what? I think I'd rather eat live maggots and have them fester and eat me from the inside out! Actually, no. I think I'd rather watch all of Tyler Perry's movies marathon style back to back.

The only reason I even attempted to watch was hopes of BET flashing those nude shots of Hosea "I have no idea who took the nude pics. They must have shot them from outside my window" Chanchez that have been floating around the net. Now that's what I call television! All thick and stuff, lookin' like a sexy Cole from 'Martin'.

Anyway, please look out for my petition to get that ghastly show off air. 'The Game' is"niggerdom" at it's best, and it needs to be stopped! Again, please don't send me hate mail. I have hundreds of them to open just from this week alone. Thanks.



This is some nasty as bullshit right here! This nasty broad goes around sucking on horse cock. Yes, she enjoys giving head and getting stuck by horses. If that doesn't creep you out enough, the nasty ho is married to an 80's hair band wannabe who lets the horses fuck him in the ass while she watches. These nasty freak ass bitches have also had sex with dogs. (throws up in mouth) There's is no doubt in my mind that her twat reeks of Puppy Chow and lice shampoo. Just another normal Wednesday (blank stare).

We have no clue who are neighbors are, I swear! I'm not a pet person, but sometimes I watch the interaction with some pet owners and it sort of creeps me out. It surpasses a loving pet/owner relationship and appears to leak over into something a tad more.

If my mother didn't give me ANYTHING at all, she passed on her innate ability to read people. No, not tell them off, I mean to read them as in evaluate. More often than less, she's right. More often than less, I'm right as well. I can walk into a room of people and tell who's been intimate with each other. They don't have to be speaking to each other the whole night, or even near the other person for me to tell. It's a certain energy, and way that you look at someone that you've had sex with. And I have seen that look with some nasty ass pet owners.
To take it a step further, we try to be a bit more civilized than animals, but at times fall short. Animals "mark" their territory. They protect those who they feel a closeness to. We as humans do the same thing. As much as we say, "Girl, I don't love him anymore. Ugh. He so grosses me out now", your body and energy say something different. You may not be in love, but your body definitely blocks the other women/men off in the room to let them know not to fuck with your man/ex man/woman/dog/stallion/cat/dildo/etc.

Next time you go to a party, club, or dog park (ugghhh) check it out. You'll be amazed. So gross.


We should all know by now that Ms. Nene "watch your hands friend" Leakes will be on the new season of 'Celebrity Apprentice'. It's been reported that she hasn't been getting along with her cast mate Star Jones. Oooohh, this should be juicy. Other reports have said that Nene has showed up to tapings late, and have been giving producers FEVER!

She is so much better than that low budget reality broad Oma"gross"a! I can't wait for her to read Star Jones on tv. The show airs in March and includes "Z" listers like Latoya Jackson, Lisa Rinna, Niki Taylor, Playboy Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk, Lil’ Jon, Meatloaf, Mark McGrath, John Rich, David Cassidy, Gary Busey, Marlee Matlin, and Dionne Warwick.

I'm sure Nene will be in the time out corner quit a bit. Is it March yet? Damn.



'Precious' star Gabourey Sidibe was recently spotted out with her new beau. She calls him "Boyfriend X". I hope she doesn't like to be on top. The End.


WhoIsHe2U said...

I LIVE when I read your blog!

Curious said...

After only 1 movie is Gabby rich, because I just don't see why X is there?

TheBlogArtistFormerlyKnownAsYBandDL said...

Q, you know I love you right? I;m scared of you, and would never want to run into you in the streets, but I love you.

However, I completely disagree on your "The Game" review. See that's why we don't have more "good" black shows on the air now. When we do get one tryign to do something, it's the blacks who are first to tear it down. You love you some Housewives of ATL. You need to give "The Game" some props for giving Sheree a paying role.

Now I have read what, like 3 or 4 post about Lance Gross and how fine and sexy he is, but you never talk about those Tyler Perry crappy television shows, now that's some niggerdom.

But moving on to Curious' comment above...
Did you not watch the video of the beastiality white trash...different strokes for different folks. He might like some BBW. He might be there for the money, but he could be there becasue he like to eat some big dark coochie.
Hey bigger not the cutest girl, are sometimes the best in bed, they work harder, to compensate. They usually can suck a dick.

Anonymous said...

Regarding "EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!", I think that's gotta be a send-up. Tho I'm sure people have been having sex with animals for milennia, talking about it on camera with a British narrator in the background seems a tad over the top.
It IS very funny, tho.
It could have been produced by one of those pro-family, anti-gay marriage groups to show that THAT is where we'll end up if we allow those homosexuals to marry!