Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Auntie Whitney, Where Did Everyone Go?, Walk For Me, and Daaaaaaammmnnnn!

So, the highly anticipated part 2 of the Oprah/Whitney interview aired yesterday. It gave me everything I needed. Whitney looked amazing. Her dress was appropriate, and her legs were glossed for the Gods! Auntie Whitney spilled tea like no other, and Oprah was there with a roll of Bounty soaking it up! Oprah asked Whitney at one point if Bobby had ever hit her. Whitney said, "I was raised with two boys and I’ll fight you back. He slapped me once but I hit him over the head three times.” Don't fuck with Auntie Whitney, she don't play. She even said that she fucked him up one time. Oprah asked if there was blood. In her raspy voice she responded, "Yes". My other standout in the interview was when Oprah acted as if she couldn't get how Auntie Whit was getting high. Whitney told Oprah to "Stay with her", and said,"You put your marijuana, you lace it, you roll it up and you smoke it,”! Whaaaaaaaaatttttt? I damn near lost it. The only thing I was waiting for was Oprah to pull out some weed and cocaine, and ask her to demonstrate exactly how she did it. Now that's "Must see TV"! At the end of yesterday's interview Oprah asked if she was scared what Bobby would think, and Whitney gave Oprah the Sheree (ATL Housewives) "Who gon check me boo" face. I live!

Can ya'll tell me one thing though? Why did Oprah have to sit like that with her foot strategically placed so we could see her fresh red bottoms the WHOLE interview? We know you have Louboutin's for days Oprah, but you didn't have to slay us like that. At the end of the show, Whitney sang...(crickets)
Anyways, I hear Whitney's CD is good, but I couldn't see buying it--I'm broke. I would find coins somewhere to buy the 'Being Bobby Brown' DVD though. Now that's entertainment. (singing 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody', and dancing around like Taylor Swift)...


From Rihanna to Lady Gaga, it seems that it's chic to not see. Rihanna was pictured last week at the Guisseppe store in NY with these studded glasses on. I know the bitch couldn't see shit.

On Sunday, Lady Gaga accepted her speech in this lace number. She needed help onstage. Before she finished her acceptance she had to rip the lace from her face. Is it the rage to impair your vision in the name of fashion (scrambling to find studded glasses and lace)? I get life from ANYONE who needs help walking because their fashions won't allow them to either see or move freely. I would LOVE to wear the beatest outfit, and have someone roll me around on a hospital gurney! I die! Big ups (i'm bringing that saying back from earlier in the decade) to Rihanna and Lady Gaga for expressing themselves through fashion. If I had the beat coin, they would never want to see me though. I would battle them for BLOOD! I would wear crotchless pants with swarvorski encrusted Pringle's cans to cover my penis, no shirt with a chinchilla bow tie, a Van Cleef and Arpel's noose around my neck, and Cartier LOVE bracelets around my ankles. Fuck with it!
Fuck with this as well...My sweet child Brandon Parker (FORD Models) walking for blood in the Tahari show in NY for Fashion week. I'm so proud of him. I told you Brando that we are gonna party DOWN when you get your first billboard in Times Square. I feel it coming!


I was strolling into my building the other day, and look what I saw. The policeman were patrolling, and their horses stopped to take a HUGE shit right in front of my house. This motherfucker needed some Immodium or what's the pink stuff? It smelled like shit (because it was shit), and it was right in the middle of the road, so cars kept rolling over it. Someone get this horse to a bidet!

Happy Wednesday!




Sapphire Blu said...

LMAO!!! i'm cracking up over here! thanks for keeping me entertained boo!!!!

Michael said...

You are too funny! And I have been practicing my camera phone

chicnoir said...

you killed me with your whitney houston& oprah write up, killed me.

Jamar Herrod said...

Lord lol. I heard about Ms. Whitney and her interview with Oprah. Oprah was proning for questions I'm sure even she didn't know how deep it would get. I would've been done after explaining the intake of drugs.

Now to Ms. Rihanna she is giving life with this outfit and glasses and yes I was LMAO when you said she couldn't see shit. We know it! You should check out my site where I posted more pics of Ms. Gaga and indeed she slayed. Did you also see how many awards she won! Performances were amazing and made the kids gag with her outfits! GET INTO IT!

Brandon is not playing around at NY's Fashion Week. Whenever you see Brandon's billboard, I'll be expecting to see a pic of on here! Work! Finally, sorry that Horse shit is disgusting in pics and I'm glad I don't have to smell it! Lol!